Waterproof Bushnell NEO XS GPS rangefinder Review

Bushnell starts 2014 by launching the NEO XS golf GPS watch, a thin and light rangefinder with a longer battery life and up to four hazard distances per hole. The new NEO GPS watch is even more ergonomic and effective than the previous models, which makes it a desirable acquisition for passionate golfers.

New functions and user experience
The device also offers shot distance calculator and round odometer for the convenience of its users, while other features such as the auto course recognition, water resistance and battery saving auto-off makes it a cool addition on the field. The Bushnell NEO XS also impresses with its auto hole advance function that gives users the opportunity to advance an entire round without having to push any button from hole to hole. What sets this rangefinder apart from other similar products is the fact that it is easy to operate and comfortable to carry around the track. The size and weight of the watch are perfect for a comfortable fit, while the battery life lasts for three rounds. Used in watch mode, with the GPS off that is, the Bushnell NEO XS has an amazing 24 months battery life. What is more, the rangefinder comes with over 33, 000 courses that do not require a membership fee.

Bushnell NEO XS design
Although not a dramatic redesign of the previous NEO devices, the Bushnell NEO XS has a more circular design that leans towards the traditional wristwatch appearance. Besides going from square to round look, Bushnell also brought changes to the size and weight of the device, making it smaller and lighter for a more comfortable wear. The display is easy to read with big letters and numbers that contrast in the sunlight. Therefore, you can read front/back/center, shot and hazard measurements even if you are wearing polarized sunglasses. The button placement is also intuitive and the device is easy to start by pressing the golf button to activate the GPS and selecting play golf.

NEO XS Specs
This rangefinder is part of a new generation of devices that aim to provide golfers with longer battery life and unparalleled comfort. The gadget uses light materials – in fact, it’s 50% lighter. It’s legal for tournament plays and includes 33,000 golf tracks. These tracks can be updated from the Bushnell website. Available in black, grey and white and the interface is translated in five languages.

Bushnell neo XS GPS golf watch


The Bushnell NEO XS automatically searches golf courses located nearby allowing you to choose the correct one. This unit has an interesting feature that gives players the opportunity to concentrate of their game: auto-advancing. If the user is required to advance to a specific hole, the rangefinder has a button on the right side that changes the hole. The ability to provide up to four hazards and their distance is a very sought after feature simply because there are no other units on the market that can reach this performance. The golf button that allows you to measure the distance you shot the ball is a cool feature that will give you additional satisfaction when shooting a good one. You can also keep track of your performance by using this button.

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Who should buy the NEO XS?
Retailing at $199, this rangefinder is neither expensive nor complicated, which makes it accessible and versatile. It can be used right out of the box, which means that an amateur can take advantage of its features without prior training. However, thanks to its impressive number of included golf tracks and advanced modes (time mode, tee time, play golf mode, hazard distances), it is recommended to golfers who have more tournament experience.

The Bushnell NEO XS GPS brings long-awaited improvements and interesting features that make this device one of the all-time favorite rangefinders. Its accuracy, long battery life, comfortable fit and automatic functions allow golf players use the device in a convenient way. The Bushnell NEO XS is therefore a solid investment and deserves every cent from its $199 price.