Bushnell Pro 1M Review

The Bushnell Pro 1M is one of the most popular products of this brand, bringing golfers important innovations. This device can be used during tournament play because it does not offer slope-adjusted distances. In addition, compared to the prior product that it replaced, the Bushnell 1600 Tournament Edition, this device introduces the Vivid Display Technology that this company has recently developed. For those who are not familiar with this improvement, it practically displays distances in the viewfinder in red, compared to the black LCD display previous devices have. In addition, compared with its predecessor, which was quite large, this device is more compact, making it easier to handle. The fact that it is made of various materials and is designed to be used horizontally, make it is even easier to use and grasp.

Bushnell has made some changes in its look too. Its black and white design offers it a more interesting and modern look compared with the relatively utilitarian grey-silver color scheme of the 1600 Pro. Overall, the Bushnell Pro 1M looks much better and can be considered stylish among similar devices available on the market at the moment. As far as performances go, this product has the highest magnification available (7x) and readily locks onto flagsticks from close distances. It actually has a +/- 1 yard accuracy and PinSeeker Technology. Other performances include RainGuard HD lens coating, Posi-Thread™ Battery Door and many others, so it is easy to understand why many people are eager to choose this product over others that are available on the market.

Furthermore, the waterproof feature will definitely offer you piece of mind and allow you to use it without worrying that you will drop it in the wet grass. You can be sure that the device will work just fine after that, as it has a sturdy feel, just like its predecessor used to, despite its more modern look. Since horizontal laser rangefinders are more and more rare, this product should be even more appreciated. A major pro about this product is that its display is very easy to read, as it has a slight tint designed to reduce glare. One disadvantage found in the Bushnell Pro 1M is the fact that Pin Seeker cannot be turned off, compared to previous Bushnell models that offered this options. Basically, once the device has locked on a target, you cannot pan to receive the distance from a farter away one. With a single 3-volt battery, you will only have to replace it twice a year, you will not have to waste time changing the battery too often.

As far as costs go, considered one of the more expensive products in its line, the reason why so many golfers still like the Bushnell Pro 1M is the fact that it has all the functions most of them need. Sure, it may not be the most advanced one, but the 7x magnifier is great and, together with its look, make for an excellent product that can help you on the golf course significantly.